Super dad

I know what you’re thinking…

Another dad blog is here to paint the rosy picture of fatherhood, and how relishing it is to be a father. Another dad here to rhapsodize about his experience.

Hahaha, hell, no!

Hear me out, mate! Fatherhood is nothing like that. It is a struggle – a constant, never-ending struggle.

This blog is about the naked truth of fatherhood. Here’s one: the moment you enter the delivery room, your life changes.

You could be an irresponsible, unorganized being, and a total mess outside that room, but once you take your child in your arms, YOUR LIFE TURNS UPSIDE DOWN!

When we become dads, we yearn to get our hands on a divine book of knowledge to enlighten us with everything that is there to be learned about “being a father.”

Alas! Only if everything in life came with a manual…

There is no curriculum in life that can teach you how to be a responsible father. When you are a father, you have to tread extremely cautiously. Your actions will have a life-long bearing on your kids’ character.

Make no mistake; this journey is the hardest – albeit immensely rewarding – one you take in your life.

You make mistakes, you learn from them. You face new challenges; you improvise and see them off. You fail, you try again, you succeed, and you are enthralled.

It is an experience where you are all by yourself. What others see is how you’re going about your duties. Yes, everyone is up to advise you, but do any of them actually address your concerns? Nah!

They offer nothing more than usual ‘do this’, ‘do that’, ‘hang in there’, ‘sacrifice’, ‘it’ll all work out in the end’.

Damn it! I know that. Tell me something that I don’t know.

Tell me when I can get my night’s sleep back. Tell me when I can have some time for myself. Tell me how to deal with the next problem standing right here, in front of me.

Everyone is fantasizing about good moments, but what about the not-so-good ones?

Yes, some moments will melt your heart.

The first time you take your kids in your arms, the times when you get to cuddle with them, their first words, first giggle, first steps, first birthday, the first day of school, their achievements, their progression, and whatnot.

All these moments are like a film that brims you with ecstasy at every scene. But then, there are also moments… moments that leave you clueless, honestly!

What are you supposed to do if your child is crying and nothing you’re doing is working?

What are you to do if the fatherhood is taking a toll on your mental health?

What is the best way to initiate conversations with kids?

How to effectively deal with the recalcitrance of kids?

How to? How to? How to?

These questions barely scratch the surface when it comes to fatherhood. The fathers of today deal with a lot more baggage; emotional, physical, and mental. But, do they have enough resources, enough avenues to look for the answers.


When I became a dad, there was no one to tell me when to pull up my socks, or when do I have to dial it a bit down, or when do I have to man-up!

So, for times when you want to put your thoughts into words, when you want solace, when you want answers to your unanswered questions about being a father, Dadistry promises to be there for you.

With utmost sincerity and no sugarcoating, I will share my experience.

I will tell you what I did, where I failed, what I shouldn’t have done, and what I would do differently if life had a backward button.

From the first step of taking the responsibly of a child… Nah, actually go a bit back. From the time of planning your nuptials to planning children to being a dad, to being overwhelmed with responsibilities, I will cover it all.

Nah, it’s not about the gloom only. We will laugh too. I will tell you about the times when I made a joke about myself.

Like when I had no idea how to change a diaper, or when I burned my hand while making a bottle of warm milk, and funniest of all, when I was peed all over by my toddlers.

Hahaha! In case there is nothing to laugh at, there are always those dad jokes.

So, Dadistry will be a place for dads where their concerns are heard, questions are answered, and fears are allayed.

If my experience and learning from my mistakes could make fatherhood an enjoyable and smooth experience for other dads and dads-to-be, I will be the happiest!

So, fathers, dads, padres, pops, cheer up! Laugh with your kids and enjoy life because for what it’s worth, the journey is exciting (for the most part), and for when it isn’t that exciting…Well, you can always rant about it.